The debate on the vote of confidence in the government by roll-call vote will be concluded tonight, at midnight at the Parliament.

Yesterday, Alternate Health Minister, Pavlos Polakis, criticized harshly the ND president, noting that he treated Mr. Kymbouropoulos as an equal political interlocutor.

“I firmly believe that he is on the same level as we are,” said Mr. Polakis, adding that he was not the one who showed him a lack of respect, but the ND MEPs who pushed all the disabled people into a social Kaiadas.

ND Vice-President Adonis Georgiades also criticized harshly the Prime Minister, hinting at his vacation, as well as the SYRIZA MEPs whom he accused of being hypocritical.

KKE notes that it will not give a vote of confidence to a government that has a class bias in favor of the capital. We have no confidence in this government or the main opposition, said Potami.