The second phase in restarting the Greek economy begins today, Monday, May 11, with the resumption of retail outlets, the return of civil servants to work and the high school students to class.

Today, 25% of the economy will re-open. This will give us new data for the next steps until we return to normalcy, said Deputy Development and Investments Minister Nikos Papathanasis. The success of the second phase will be determined after 11 days, and if all goes well, starting June 1, 70-75% of the economy will be back in operation, 90% by the end of June, while a 10% to 15% will remain closed.

Starting today, 70% of the civil servants return to work in three phases; at 7, 8 and 9 in the morning, so that there is no overcrowding, the minister stressed and reiterated that the use of a mask is strongly recommended and is mandatory when the necessary distance cannot be respected.

High school students are returning to their classes after two months of lockdown. There are strict instructions in place and many recommendations, as well as a health protocol, since the risk of transmitting the virus remains high.