“Building the new Silk Road is one of the most critical global challenges of the future” and “Greece has a crucial role to play in this endeavor,” said Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, speaking on Holy Saturday at a leaders’ roundtable on “Strengthening connectivity to find new forms of development”, in the context of the 2nd High Level Forum of the Belt and Road Initiative, held in Beijing.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping also recognized Greece’s critical role in this initiative, and stressed that Greece is a model for other European countries regarding a mutually beneficial cooperation with China.

In addition, during their private meeting, the Greek Prime Minister and the President of China discussed the bilateral relations and international developments. Mr. Tsipras referred to the need for cooperation aimed at consolidating global peace and prosperity through co-development, while the Chinese president stressed that China wants a multipolar world where all countries will work together harmoniously.

Finally, the new three-year Framework for Cooperation between Greece and China, which focuses on energy, transport, telecommunications, manufacturing, research and development as well as finance, was also signed.