The legendary Tiger Lillies return to Greece to celebrate 30 years of dark, and provocative stage presence, on Friday January 24th at Fix Factory Of Sound (Thessaloniki) and at Fuzz Live Music Club (Athens), on Saturday January 25.

The “Godfather of Avant-garde” will present a rich and exciting show, featuring excerpts from their entire careers, to please old and new fans. They will also perform for the first time in public, their new songs, inspired by rebetiko music that Martyn Jackques loved during his first visit in our country.

The world of Tiger Lillies is strange and everchanging. It can be sad and funny and beautiful. This unique street opera trio does not stop touring and performing all over the world.

They have described their sound as “boisterous punk cabaret”, drawing inspiration from the macabre magic of pre-war Berlin and a blend of punk and peculiar music influenced by Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill and the gypsy music and street theater.


Doors open at 8:30 pm

Tickets at: Online: &–lillies/–lillies/, or call 11876

Prices for both shows: 22 (pre-sale), 25, 28 (at the venues).