Forty-seven years have passed since the Polytechnic uprising against the dictatorship of the colonels , the first in a series of events that eventually led to its downfall.

It was on the 14th of November of 1974 when students of the Polytechnic decided to drop out of school claiming more freedom.

The rebellious students fortified themselves into the building of the National Technical University  and set up a radio station to broadcast their demands to the citizens of Athens.

The student uprising touched the hearts of the vast majority of citizens who tuned the radios to their frequency.

Early in the morning of November 17th dictatorship decided to encroach with three tanks lined up outside the building  to attack and demolish the main gate.

As they were leaving the place students confronted with police while snipers opened fire from neighboring rooftops . The firing would continue for hours . The heroic revolt of the students was stained with blood.

This year’s anniversary is overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the country. It has cost great unrest as government decided to ban all gatherings nationwide for public health reasons .

Parties, organizations , citizens and part of the legal establishment reacted over violation of freedom while the Council of State adjudged that the ban is constitutional for reasons of public interest and protection of public health.