Nisyros is located in the heart of the Aegean Sea between Kos and Tilos and is part of the Dodecanese group of islands. It is a quiet island with a strong, “colorful” personality, with its dark brown volcanic land, its whitewashed alleys its cobblestone squares and traditional houses adorned with wooden, flower-filled balconies.

Nisyros is known for its volcano and its impressive caldera. The island was built above the sea surface about 66 thousand years ago, and is estimated to have risen 1000 meters over 24 thousand years ago. Greece’s only active volcano has five craters in the caldera!

Nisyros does not have big towns but a number of villages from the coast to the top of the caldera and they are all joined by a main road. The island’s main town is the picturesque Mandraki, with magnificent traditional houses by the sea, balconies and gardens filled with flowers and climbing plants.

Because the island is volcanic, you will mostly find beaches with black sand.  Its volcanic soil is very fertile, thus contributing to its lush vegetation. The island produces almonds, grapes, figs and boasts a variety of beautiful flowers.

If you climb up the hill you will end up in a place that resembles a lunar landscape because Nisyros’ caldera is arid with no vegetation. The soil there is yellow and you can smell the sulfur.

Nisyros, with its unique character adds another distinctive touch to the unparalleled landscape of the Aegean!