The opening ceremony of the 57th Thessaloniki International Film Festival took place on Thursday, November 3, 2016.

Culture Minister, Aristides Baltas gave the opening speech and stressed that “culture redefines itself and shows its benefits for the people.”

Orestes Andreadakis, artistic director of the TIFF, referred to the striking changes that have occurred in the world of cinema and technology since 1932 when the first film festival in Venice was held and pointed out that the goal of the festival’s new administration is to reinstate the concept of a modern festival as a living organism in constant conversation with the city, accessible to all; a Greek, as well as an international festival.

The opening ceremony was followed by the screening of the film «Paterson» by the independent American filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, who attended the event and greeted those present.

The 57th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, will run for ten days, from November 3-13, 2016, presenting a total of 221 films in six cinemas around the city.