The head prosecutor of the Thessaloniki first instance courts ordered on Thursday a preliminary investigation into the vandalism of the Holocaust Memorial in Thessaloniki which was covered in red paint.

Prosecutor Lambros Tsongas ordered the investigation to determine the misdemeanors committed in combination with the violation of the antiracism law, and has called for the use of all legally available evidence in the form of photographs and videos.

According to preliminary police information, the act of vandalism was attributed to people who broke off a rally in central Thessaloniki protesting the Greece-FYROM name issue agreement.

Greek political parties, organisations and citizens condemned the act, while the city's Jewish community said in a statement that the vandalism of a monument erected in the memory of 50,000 Thessaloniki Jews killed by the Nazis in World War II "should trouble all of Greek society." It is the third such attack on the memorial since last December, it said.