The "TILOS Project", the first European hybrid station of electricity production from renewable sources, was presented with Green Energy Award by the Greek Energy Forum.

The project is a private investment by the energy group EUNICE Energy Group (EEG), financed with its own capital of 2.5-3 million euros. It produces energy from renewable sources and includes a system of accumulators to reserve energy for times when renewable sources (sun and wind) will be not available or enough.

The project consists of a wind turbine of 800 kW, a photovoltaic unit of 160 kW and a battery with storage capacity of 2.4 megaWatt/hour that can cover the needs of the island for approximately one and a half days in a period of low demand (winter).

It is estimated that the project will cover 80-85 percent of the island's power demands throughout the year, while on days of excess production, the power will be channelled to nearby Kos island through an existing underwater connection. Another important fact is that the frequent blackouts observed on Kos during the summer due to high demand are expected to stop.

Besides the electricity production and storage system, the project includes modern systems of predicting wind power and photovoltaic production.

In 2017, Tilos Project also received the Energy Island Award and the Citizens Award in the context of the European Week for Sustainable Growth.