Starting on March 24, audiences at the Foundation of the Hellenic World’s Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center’s “Tholos ” of the Hellenic Cosmos Center of Culture will have the opportunity to take an interactive virtual tour of 5 BC Athens reconstructed before their very eyes.

Taking advantage of new technologies, audiences will get to admire in 3D and in their original colors the architecturally most intricate Acropolis buildings, such as the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Propylaea, but also the statues that decorated them. Meanwhile, the tour will feature temples and statues which do not survive, such as the sanctuary of Zeus, the sanctuary of Artemis of Vravronia, the Chalcotheque, the Parthenon’s sculptural decoration featuring the ivory-gold statue of Athena, etc. Each building’s 3D models have been developed by a team of experts, painters, 3D modelers, developers, and archaeologists.

Moreover, scientists at the Foundation of the Hellenic World have adapted the projection to meet the requirements of the “Tholos,” and with the help of Classical Archeology Professor Panos Valavanis are offering visitors of the Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center one more impressive experience, where viewers can walk among the glorious temples and learn about this holy rock’s history, all thanks to the exciting real time tour given by museum educators at the Foundation of the Hellenic World.