The Epigraphic and Numismatic Museum and the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens, in collaboration with the Center for Mediterranean Architecture, present “Touring Perfection”, an exhibition by Italian photographer Paolo Morello, paying tribute to the undisputed grandeur of ancient Greek culture.

Born in Palermo, Sicily, and growing up, in his own words, in the shadow of the ancient temples of Magna Graecia, Paolo Morello decided in 2014 to dedicate a large part of his photographic work to the documentation of the most important Greek archaeological sites. Following in the footsteps of Homer and Pausanias, the artist photographed archaeological sites in Greece, as well as Magna Graecia sites in Italy, producing a total of 200 photos, 30 of which were selected to be presented in Greece for the first time at the Chania Archaeological Museum, and which are now exhibited at the Epigraphic Museum. The exhibition will move to the Delphi Archaeological Museum in November, and in December it will be moved to Thessaloniki.

The artist himself says that “photographing an archaeological site always involves a conflict. Between the learned and the visible; between our scientific knowledge, our logical thinking and the existing ruins, often very poor, standing before our lens; between the intense thrill that makes our hearts beat, the magic overwhelming us and the desire to portray all this in a single picture. This conflict is a challenge of its own, and that’s exactly what a photographer is supposed to represent”.

Where: Athens Epigraphic & Numismatic Museum
When: September 21-October 26