To this day, the retrospective exhibition of the extraordinary Greek painter Giannis Moralis at the Benaki Museum has welcomed more than 35,000 visitors, of which 2,950 were children.

The steadily increasing attendance and the visitors’ interest in the exhibition have led to the joint decision of the institutions (Benaki Museum, National Gallery, National Bank Cultural Foundation, etc.) co-organizing it to extend its duration until Sunday, February 10, 2019.

An audio tour in the Greek and English languages, based on a selection of 23 of Moralis’s works, will be available to visitors throughout the exhibition’s extension. The overall goal is to present the work of Yannis Moralis, so as to explore the universe of his visual representations. The exhibition is organized in chronological order, following Moralis from the 1930s to the 2000s. Visitors thus have the opportunity to trace the evolution of Giannis Moralis from his student years as an outstanding student at the School of Fine Arts, to his relation with his mentor Giannis Kefallinos, his continued studies in Rome and Paris along with his close friend, Nikos Nikolaou, to the challenging years of the German Occupation, then to the initial recognition he found by the audience, and all the way to his election as a School of Fine Arts Professor, and to his collaboration with the Art Theater and the National Theater.

Close to 200 paintings, brought together from public and private collections, comprise the body of the exhibition, with many of those only now being presented to a broad public.