Turkey’s moves are an indication of its weakness and isolation in the region, said Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, in an interview at OPEN TV’s breakfast television program.

“Turkey has no strong alliances. It is aware that it cannot claim that its differences with Cyprus as well as with Greece are a bilateral issue. The EEZ of Cyprus is also Europe’s EEZ, the borders of Greece are also Europe’s borders,” he added. Regarding a possible incident with Turkey, the prime minister said that this is always a possibility and the Greek government always takes into account.

“We face this possibility firstly with strong Armed Forces. Its personnel and infrastructure are excellent. From that standpoint, we can rest assured. But this is not enough, they need strong alliances that Greece has developed and this is proven by the fact that the US and the EU are open to taking concrete measures against Turkey. ”

Finally, he estimated that Turkey would not install the second drill in the region between Kastelorizo ​​and Cyprus and stressed that “in any case, Greece has a deterrence plan. Greece will not step back. “