Tuned City is an international platform that explores the relationship between sound and space in the urban environment. It presents artistic work and theoretical positions derived from substantial occupations with sound, in the context of urban and architectural situations.

This year, Tuned City, with the support of the Onassis Cultural Center, takes place in Ancient Messene and seeks out the exemplary “ideal city”: the ancient Greek “polis”.

For three days (1-3 June), the ancient city of Messene will be transformed in to a vast platform for artistic production and presentation, discussion and intermediation of sound art and music in public spaces through a variety of site-specific events.

By looking at the actual functions and the different definitions of what was ultimately an ideal city, or what it should be, the works range from sound installations, walks and lectures to concerts and participatory events. Each day focuses on a central theme: the politics of listening, media matters and spectral ambiences.

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