Two people died, two people were seriously injured and another six people were slightly injured on Thursday, from fire that broke out most possibly due to explosion of a liquid gas bottle at the refugee centre of Moria, Lesvos. A 60-years old woman and her 5-years old grandchild, Kurdish refugees from Iraq who had been living in Lesvos for four months, were reported as dead. A 25-years old woman and her 4-years old son were seriously injured, 10 immigrants and refugees suffered light burns, while other people suffered respiratory problems due to the thick smoke that spread over the area.

Around 11 o’ clock on Thursday night, a liquid gas bottle exploded in the tent of the 60-years old woman and her grandchild. The fire quickly spread to the adjacent tents, leading to evacuation of the area, and was put out around 3:00 a.m. However, many people had to spend the night out in the open, since the fire had burnt their tents and all of their belongings.