Victoria Hislop’s new book is inspired by Makronissos, an island laden with a tragic political history. Titled “After The Island”, Hislop’s new book is due to be released in May 2019 in English. It is a historical novel of 20th century Greece, and its story starts in 1926 and stretches until after the Civil War in the 1950s.

The British writer who has repeatedly expressed her love and admiration for Greece and has been living in the country for some time, said that the beaches, the sea and the food are wonderful, but the most important of all is its history, which she explores every time she visits a new place in our country.

One could say that in her new book she revisits her first novel, The Island, which became a bestseller and made her famous inside and outside of Greece. As she explains, she was once again impressed by a Greek island that bears a special story. “I think the Greek islands are symbolic, in many ways. An island can be somewhat like a whole world if you are trapped there. Like the people in Spinalonga, they were locked up there, they could not go anywhere. Similarly, the people at Makronisos … It was the same for them,” says Hislop.