Come Wednesday, director Violet Louise is going to face off against the visualization of Giorgos Veltsos’ unique poetry, as she brings his poetic collection “August” to Bios’s stage.

The central element in the show is the element of water, the deep, the desire to live, the deterioration, the memory, all expressed through a creative concept that is, as a whole, the original material of the show’s creative team. Shots of the Greek seabed, images of urban landscapes, recorded sounds of the sea and seagulls, shells and starfish comprise the director’s personal gaze, through which she reconstructs on the stage the poetic world of Giorgos Veltsos.

The performance’s core stresses poetry’s own centrality in a response to existential angst, a centrality evident is the lyrics of Giorgos Veltsos.

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When: June 28 – July 2, 9 pm
Where: Bios, 84, Peiraios street

Admission: €10