For these difficult days of the pandemic and staying home, the Hellenic Foundation offers free digital entertainment and education outlets for young and old. Like the screening of the impressive production of “Journey to Ancient Priene”.

At, everyone has access to a fascinating 3D virtual reality journey to the most excavated Hellenistic city in Asia Minor: ancient Priene, otherwise known as “Pompeii of Anatolia”. The visitor is guided through all the streets and its important buildings and discovers in a realistic way its rich history.

The impressive screening “Journey to Ancient Priene”, took two years to implement. The Dome of Virtual Reality  has been designed in collaboration with the 3D & VR Departments of the Hellenic Foundation , as well as the Cartography laboratory, the Architectural Design laboratory of Performances, the Electronic Encyclopedia, the printed edition “Priene” and the award-winning digital short film “Hermogenous House”.