Voting begun on Thursday for the "Emile Awards", a competition now in its second year organized by the European Animation Awards (EAA). In 2018, 90 nominees will be competing for awards in 18 categories. Among them are Greek director Anna Mantzari for her student film "Enough" and Greek composer Dimitra Tripani for the soundtrack of "The Ox", directed by Giorgos Nikolopoulos. The awards will be presented on December 7 and 8 in the city of Lille, France.

Representatives of the EAA met Thursday with Greek animation professionals at the Ministry of Digital Policy, Communications and Media. During the press conference, Deputy Minister Lefteris Kretsos said that the awards can help expand the European animation industry and potentially create jobs and boost development. He also stressed how important it is for European animators to work together in the creation of stories that can help us explore our history and retain our cultural heritage.

EAA Secretary General Jean-Paul Commin noted that the organization has set itself the ambitious and courageous goal to celebrate excellence across the animation sector, while EAA President Peter Lord stated that animation is an exciting sector with a lot of potential.

Also present at the Press Conference was Anastasia Dimitra representing the Hellenic Animation Association (ASIFA Hellas).