A special police water cannon was deployed to control rioting that began in Athens' Exarchia district and around the Athens Polytechnic building on Saturday evening, after the events marking the 45th anniversary of the November 17, 1973 student uprising at the Polytechnic.

Police were dousing Patission Street with water on the side of the Polytechnic where several people had gathered, throwing firebombs, stones and pieces of marble against police, who replied with flash grenades and teargas to disperse the rioters.

Rioting was also underway throughout the Exarchia district, with Greek police drones and a police helicopter flying over certain points.

The rioting broke out around the Polytechnic building and the Exarchia district, with youths lobbing stones and fire bombs at police from the grounds of the Polytechnic and incidents reported on Stournari, Tositsa and Tsamadou streets. Those involved had set up roadblocks and were throwing firebombs, stones and various other objects at police.

Rioting was also reported after the annual protest march to the US Consulate in Thessaloniki, where protestors again holed up in the city's Polytechnic, lit fires and set up roadblocks from which they attacked police with stones, firebombs and other items. Police responded with heavy use of tear gas, filling the air with smoke and choking fumes.

The 45th anniversary march in Patras similarly ended with scuffles in the city centre, during which five people were detained by the authorities.