On Saturday, June 30, 2018, wine lovers and wine professionals will have the opportunity to taste Cretan wine under the moonlight. The wine tasting event is co-organized by the Municipality of Rethymnon and the “Wines of Crete” in the context of the proclamation of Rethymnon as the “European Wine Town 2018” by the RECEVIN European Network of Wine Cities.

From 19:30 to 23:30, at Rethymnon’s Fortezza, the visitors will have the opportunity to taste wine from local and international varieties, new and old vintages and meet the wine makers from the 23 wineries from all over Crete that are participating at the event. The event will also attend RECEVIN representatives who will also be actively involved in the Cretan Diet Festival which takes place every year from July 1-7 at Rethymnon’s Municipal Garden and is co-organized by the Region of Crete, the Chamber of Commerce and the city’s Municipality.

The President of the Public Benefit Company and Tourism Development Committee and Promotion of the Municipality of Rethymnon, Pepi Birliraki spoke about this initiative: “This event is the beginning of a comprehensive series of actions the Municipality of Rethymnon is working on, in the context of its significant 2018 European Wine City Award.”

One of the Municipality ‘s main objectives, is the promotion of the Cretan Vineyard and the acquaintance of the wine lovers with the excellent native varieties, the wine producers and their work. We are confident that this year’s distinction will be an ideal opportunity for the visibility and promotion of Cretan wines, the strengthening of new winemakers, winegrowers and viticulturists, the establishment of a strong cooperation between Cretan winemakers, the rest of Greece, but also the countries, cities and regions of Europe participating in the RECEVIN Network, as well as the creation of proper bases for the promotion of Rethymnon as a wine destination.”

Nikos Miliarakis, chairman of D.O.N.I said: “Wines of Crete” is always looking for such collaborations and synergies to highlight Cretan wine and the island’s gastronomy. We have been collaborating with the Municipality of Rethymnon for many years, and it is a pleasure for us to organize this year’s first event for the “Rethymnon European City of Wine for 2018″. I am sure that there will be more activities that will follow after this event”.

A major sponsor of the event is the wine hotel «La Grotta». The tasting will be accompanied by a Mediterranean jazz concert, featuring guitarist Dimitris Koliakoudakis and trumpeter Achilles Papakostas. The entrance is 5 euros and includes a glass of wine tasting.

SOURCE: Ert.gr