To celebrate World Poetry Day, the SNFCC investigates whether there are limits or barriers between poetry and music, commissioning a diverse group of gifted musicians to cover songs (or should we say poems?) of songwriters whose lyrics are pre-eminently poetic.

A live concert tribute to music poetry, or poetry music, featuring a fresh look at works by Ian Curtis (Joy Division), Adrian Broland (The Sound), Alan Vega (Suicide), Lou Reed (Velvet Underground), Jim Morrisson, Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone and David Bowie.

Participating acts:

Yorgia Karidi
Yorgia Karidi’s instrumentation and performance explores the limits of poetry, lyrics and music, in a series of covers by a wide-ranging roster of artists, including David Bowie, Jim Morrison, Leonard Cohen, John Cooper Clarke, Pablo Neruda, Lena Platonos, Nina Simone. Her music compositions combine field recordings, sound effects, physical and digital musical instruments, recitation and singing, blurring the line between music concert and art performance.

Rattler Proxy
Inspired by the Joy Division, The Sound and Suicide, Rattler Proxy present a gig starting in Adrian Borland’s London, through Ian Curtis’ grim Manchester to Alan Vega’s tales of urban alienation in ‘80s New York. Staying true to their electronic style, the Rattler Proxy will get even closer to some of their major influences, relying on repetitive drum machine beats and projecting the lyrics of three great artists through reverb and distortion waves.

Lou ’n’ David
Members of Libido Blume, Sigmatropic, Yeah!, Chapter 24 and Doctor Atomik join forces through the Lou ’n’ David project to introduce the Greek public to the poetic sides of Lou Reed and David Bowie’s songbooks. The performers will fuse lyricism and street music, ambient moods and thunderous beats, proudly showcasing their formative influences.

When: Tuesday 21/3 | 19.00

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