On August 24, the music festival taking place at the Ziria ski resort kicks off for its ninth annual event. Through August 26, a route starting from Xylokastro on to Trikala and further out to the Ziria plateau, culminates as always in a unique summer party.

The festival is is a non-stop celebration of music spread across three stages, coming to life each noon, and going into the early morning hours, hosting bands and producers, and alternative activities, that are open to all ages, children and pets.

This year, the festival promises a great musical journey across time and space, touching on ancient Greek music, all the way to modern rock and electronic music from Thrace to Crete and Africa. Twenty-five bands from different genres in the indie scene, as well as DJs and music producers take part in the festival. These include:
Thrax Punks / Void Droid / Puta Volcano / Planet of Zeus / Space Blanket / Petros Floorfiller Kozakos / Nikolas Gale / Molimo / Black Athena and Negros Tou Moria / Les SkartOi / The Big Nose Attack / 1000mods / Southern Psych Groove / Kafka Takes Notes / Alex Dante / Bump Trio / “SYN-AVLIA” / Dr. Albert Flipout’s One CAN Band – aka Mickey Pantelous – / Holy Monitor / A Victim Of Society / Whereswilder / Sleepin Pillow / Balothizer / SUPERSAN / CAYETANO

The festival’s daily program is as follows:

Thursday, August 24

19:00 Thrax Punks (1)
20:00 Void Droid
21:00 Puta Volcano
22:00 Planet of Zeus
23:00 Space Blanket
Petros «FloorFiller»
Nikolas Gale

Friday, August 25

14:00 – 17:00 big jam – tribute to Blues!
18:15 Molimo
19:30 Black Odyssey: Black Athena & Negros tou Moria (Live PA)
20:45 Les SkartOi
22:00 The Big Nose Attack
23:00 1000mods
00:30 Thrax Punks (2)
Southern Psych Groove – Spyreas Sid

Saturday, August 26

14:00 Alex Dante
15:00 Bump Trio
16:00 Journey to Ancient Greek Music (presentation)
18:15 «SYN-AVLIA»
19:00 Dr. Albert Flipout’s one CAN band – aka Mickey Pantelous
20:00 Holy Monitor
21:00 A Victim Of Society
22:00 Whereswilder
23:00 Sleepin Pillow
00:30 Balothizer

The festival also includes a host of activities such as hiking and many more. For more information, you can visit the festival’s website , or its accounts on Facebook , and twitter.

All musicians and music groups take part pro bono. Admission to all events is free, as is camping.